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Getting Started with Online Donations

Presented by Laura Quinn

Do you want to help your organization take donations online, but aren't sure how? This recording will tell you what you need to know in order to choose a tool and get started. We touch on some of the strategic aspects of online donations, but our focus is on the tactical: What online donation tools are available? How do they work? We'll close by looking more closely at some of the specific tools that are available, such as Network for Good, PayPal, Click & Pledge, QGiv, AuctionPay, and more.
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Choosing a Low-Cost Constituent Database

Presented by Eric Leland

There are a number of solid and affordable options to track your volunteers, donors, partners, and other constituents. What should a small organization look for? What tools are available? How should you choose? In this recording of an online seminar, we walk through everything you need to know to pick the right database for your organization, and consider the pros and cons of commonly used databases such as GiftWorks, DonorPerfect Online, eTapestry, Salesforce, and Democracy In Action.   Purchase the recording now >


Considering Social Media for Your Organization

Presented by Laura Quinn

There's a lot of talk these days about social media - blogs, RSS, YouTube, Flickr, social networking, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, oh my! What are these things, and why do they all have funny names? How can they help you to engage your constituents and spread the word about your organization? In this recording of an online seminar, we'll provide a hype-free look at how social media tools and techniques can fit into your online communications mix, how to make they work for you, and some examples of what other organizations are doing. Purchase the recording now >


Choosing a Broadcast Email Tool

Presented by Laura Quinn

Mass emails - for eNewsletters, fundraising appeals, or action alerts - are a great way to reach out your audience, but it can be complex to send and track thousands of emails. In this recording of an online seminar, we walk through what you need to know in order to setup, send, and track emails effectively, and talk about some of the reliable and affordable (even free!) tools most useful for nonprofits. We'll demo VerticalResponse and EmailNow powered by Emma, and talk about ConstantContact, NPOGroups, CampaignMonitor, Topica, and more. Purchase the recording
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Building an Effective Email List

Presented by Laura Quinn

Successful online fundraising, actions, and outreach all start with a solid and substantial list of email addresses. But how do you build your list with the addresses of constituents truly interested in your cause? In this recording of an online seminar, we discuss a wide variety of tools and techniques to gather solid email addresses, from direct mail and list appending techniques, to online registration methods, to PR and marketing tactics, to social media and viral marketing list building efforts – and how all of those things fit together. Purchase the recording now >


Creating the Constituent-Centric Nonprofit: Nonprofit CRM

Presented by Paul Hagen

If you're storing data about your constituents in many different places, it's costing you in time, lost revenue and decreased impact. Paul Hagen, who's helped organizations such as Goodwill, VolunteerMatch and Jewish Teen Alliance develop their Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) strategy, will talk through the practical steps, processes, and software that can help you to get a better handle on managing and building your relationship with each constituent. Purchase the recording now >


Getting Started with Online Conferencing and Seminar Tools

Presented by Laura Quinn

How can you conduct meetings or seminars over the web.This recording of an online seminar provides an overview of the features, tools, and tips you need to know. We talk about the features that can help  – for instance, desktop sharing, slide shows, chat functionality, polls, voice conferencing, and more – and then look at some of the free and affordable options, such as Glance, DimDim, Yugma, GoToMeeting, WebEx, ReadyTalk, and Adobe Connect. We’ll close with some tips and tricks about conducting training via the web.  Purchase the recording now >

Comparing Open Source CMSs:  WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Plone

Presented by Heather Gardner-Madras with Laura Quinn

Open source content management systems (CMS) are particularly attractive to the nonprofit community because of their cost-efficiency, but what do these systems actually do? And what are the differences between the most common CMSs? In this recording of an online seminar, we compare WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Plone for typical nonprofit needs, demo all four systems and answer participant questions. Purchase the recording now >


How to Build or Edit a Website without Technical Skills (Introduction to Content Management Systems)

Presented by Laura Quinn

If you need a way to update your website, but you're not sure where to start, this is the recording for you. In this recording of an online seminar, we talk about what content management systems are, and look at various affordable options for updating your website text and images, including using What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get software like DreamWeaver and Contribute, website-in-a-box tools like Homesite, blog tools like WordPress, open source tools like Joomla and Drupal, and more.  Purchase the recording now >


Creating Great Charts, Graphs, and Maps on a Budget

Presented by Laura Quinn
You've got data. How do you transform it into charts, graphs, and maps that will help your audience understand the data and move them to take action? In this recording of an online seminars, we'll talk about the types of chart and map formats that might be useful to you, and then take a look at a number of the software packages that can help you create data graphics for both web and print publications.


Introduction to Website Analytics

Presented by Laura Quinn.

How many people visit your Web site every day? What are visitors doing when they get there? Which features are most popular?   In this recording of an online seminar, we talk through the tools and strategies you can use to get the answers to these questions.  Through demos of free tools such as AWStats and Google Analytics, we look at what these tools can tell you about your site.  We close with a quick look at some of the more advanced packages - such as ClickTracks, WebTrends, HBX Analytics, and Omniture - that might be useful to larger organizations.  Purchase the recording now >


10 Common Mistakes in Choosing a Donor Database

Presented by Robert Weiner

How do you choose a donor database that will support successful fundraising? The software is only half the story. Fundraising technology strategist Robert Weiner will walk through ten common mistakes that can prevent you from selecting the right database and managing it effectively. Purchase the recording now >


Understanding Data Integration

Presented by Jeff Herron and Laura Quinn

Are you wondering what it would take to integrate your various software packages to allow them to share data? In this session, we talk through the high level options and key considerations, and then dive into some of the technical terms and concepts that will help you understand what would be involved in programming an automatic connection between software packages. We discuss possibilities in integrating the software you already have, and what features you should look when choosing new software to prevent integration woes.   Purchase the recording now >


Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

Presented by Laura Quinn

Does your organization show up on the first page of results in search engines like Google or Yahoo? The content and structure of your website can have a dramatic effect on how easily potential constituents can find you via search engines. In this session, we’ll talk through the techniques that can help – from straightforward ones that anyone can do, to some of the structural and technical ones that can make a big difference. Purchase the recording now >


Fundraising through Social and Personal Networks

Presented by Laura Quinn

Whether or not you're using social networking sites like Facebook, you can make the most of your staff's, volunteers', and supporters' passion by asking them to fundraise for you. There's a class of software tools that make it easy for your supporters to set up their own personalized fundraising page (with their own stories, pictures, and fundraising targets) and then solicit their friends and family on behalf of your organization. We'll talk through the software options and best practices that can help. (It's the same great seminar as "Getting Started with Online Personal/ Team Fundraising", with a new title.) Purchase the recording now >

Creating Great Graphics for the Web

Presented by Laura Quinn

How do you take your current photos - or find inexpensive photos or illustrations online - and convert them into great graphics for your website? We'll talk through methods to acquire good material, principles of transforming them into great web-ready images, and the inexpensive software packages that can help you whip them into shape. Purchase the recording now >

Telling Your Story Online

Presented by Laura Quinn

How do you convey the great work your organization is doing, via compelling emails, written stories, photos, blogs, videos, and podcasts? We’ll cover the principles of good storytelling, look at lots of examples of online storytelling, and then quickly discuss the tools that can help with each of these types of stories. Purchase the recording now >

Making the Most of Social Networking Sites

Presented by Kaitlin LaCasse

How do social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn work? And how do you make the most of the medium? We’ll talk through what these sites are, why they might be useful for your organization, what’s worth doing, and how other organizations are using social networking sites. Purchase the recording now >

Getting Started with Email Fundraising

Presented by Laura Quinn

Fundraising via email requires an understanding of a number of different elements - designing an email campaign, writing an email, avoiding spam filters, broadcast email tools, online donation tools, and more. We'll walk through what you'll need to know to design your own email fundraising campaign.
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Choosing Collaboration Software

Presented by Laura Quinn

There’s a plethora of options for groups who want to collaborate remotely:  video conferencing, webinars, email discussion lists, social networks, project management tools, online communities, blogs, wikis, and more.  What can each of these tools help you with, and how much investment will they take?  How do you choose what type of software is likely to work for your group?  We’ll walk through your choices for high level types of software, along with a few potential vendors for each type. Purchase the recording now >